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4U Aircraft Design and Engineering offers a broad band of aviation services: from design and engineering over airworthiness services and consulting to training.

All from one hand – or the particular service you need. You choose, we serve!

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Our Service Scope

4U Aircraft Design and engineering provides design engineering services in accordance with EASA part 21J. Either we or our partner companies assist you to ensure a safe and reliable operations. Whenever you need to fulfill authority requirements and have a demand for approved data, we will be on your side with quality, flexibility and fast reply.

From damage assessment to modification documents, from conversions to organisational set-up consulting to enhance you to gain EASA Organisational Approvals, Phase-In / Phase-Out project management, or just to implement ERP/Software solutions.

Also we are just setting-up to offer you CAMO / CAMO+ Services in the near future.

From engineering to consulting, we will support you in every field. Granting you professional services.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our office at every time.