Aircraft Design and Engineering Organisation
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About Us

4U Aircraft Design and Engineering, established 2011 with its head office in Frankfurt am Main, next to the Frankfurt International Airport, provides its services today from four points among Europe and the Middle East.

Offering Design Engineering Services in accordance with EASA Part-21J, CAMO Services according EASA Part-M and Aviation Consulting Services is the core business of our company. Either we or our partner companies will assist your engineering and/or operations department to handle all challenges to ensure a reliable and safe operation of your aerospace vehicles.

Know HowToday our company covers a broad range of services like repair assesments, engineering documentation, aircraft conversion projects, Phase-In / Phase-Out, support in organisational set-up according EASA demands or just to implement ERP/Software solution.

Our team grants you a professional Engineering and Consulting service.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our office at every time.

Our Vision

Our answer to questions about us is given by our company vision statement. Here we define our approach to our customer understanding and service promise.

“Offering globally access to superior knowledge in our customers language”

This statement is underlined with our market presence and activity, our offer of high-quality service “Made in Germany”, and finally our cultural and local language understanding of our customers.

That’s what we are, that’s what makes us strong serving 4U.